AI to Empower a Sustainable Future

By Susan Hu

As power grids become more and more complex, especially as renewable energy sources becoming more and more common, it brings great challenges to traditional grid management methods. For example, the instability of renewable energy, changes in load patterns are quite unpredictable given nuances within the energy industry. In addition, more sophisticated security attacks have also brought more uncertainty to the industry.

It's becoming essential for energy providers to modernize, secure their operations with sustainable management. And this is where AI comes in!

Graphen uses its AI to empower energy providers and help create a secure, efficient and clean energy eco-system. The team has been working with one of the largest energy providers in Asia to make 24-hour predictions of solar power generation per hour in every station in Taiwan.

Graphen's Green Energy Monitoring system takes into account the location, time, weather and other factors to predict the power generation and detects anomalies. When an abnormality is found, the system automatically dispatches workers directly to the most suitable repair manufacturer, and automatically tracks dispatch and repair status. This system provides a desktop version and a mobile version so that managers and maintenance personnel can see real-time messages to optimize efficiency!

Built upon advance AI, this technology helps to create smart grid pricing using Game Theory Tools, enhances power equipment management with Knowledge Graph, detects and predicts APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) using Graphen's AI Cybersecurity technology, and etc.

Let AI empower your sustainable future.

Learn more at: https://graphen.ai/products/energy.html

If you want to learn more about AI, Graphen Energy and its Agni solutions and products, please reach out to susanhu@graphen.ai.