Graphen Security

Secure databases, secure AI technology, and self-defense AI cybersecurity


Graphen Alice CyberImmune is a user behavior analytics-based cybersecurity monitoring system that detects insider threats.

Built upon SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), CyberImmune gathers all relevant and available information about users, devices, applications and network, detecting anomalies at various levels.

It provides an aggregate risk assessment to predict cybersecurity risks of all entities within the organization.


CyberImmune Key Features

Risk Detection

CyberImmune provides advanced capabilities to detect threats that already entered and resided in the organization. It can detect through both contextual analysis and human behavior reasoning.

Improved Performance

Our solution breaks free from limitations of existing anti-threat applications and event management systems. It also reduces false positives.

Graph AI Powered System

Entities and activities are analyzed by our AI solution to automatically rank real-time risk of each entity in context.

Insider Threat Monitoring and Prediction

Terabyte-scale, long-term monitoring and automatic detection to report and predict advanced persistent track (APT) including, but not limited to, espionage, sabotage, fraud, etc.
Similar to how the immune system functions inside human body, CyberImmune self-defenses abnormal behaviors by autonomous learning.

Tested and Approved

CyberImmune is deployed at one of the top three banks in China as their internal cybersecurity system.


Secure AI Database

Graphen Alice Secure AI Database is empowered by privacy and security controls, encrypted-domain data mining, and trustworthy tracking via blockchain.

By combining these advanced technologies together, Graphen provides a secure environment to allow corporations store their sensitive data in the Cloud. The secured data can be utilized by AI applications, but the organization still has full control of the data flow.



  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Bayesian Learning
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Graph Database and Analytics
  • Auto Model Optimizer
  • Image

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