Whole Genome Analysis

350+ diseases risk prediction completed at once

Personal Digitalization:

Starts with your 3 billion genes

By testing the entire, 100% innate genetic composition, Graphen helps customers understand their genetic profile. Combine the research and development of biomedicine to understand yourself.

Other testing products in the market only analyze 0.1% to 2% of gene base pairs, which means one need to be tested again every time it is needed - time-consuming and lots of hassle. Graphen Whole genetic testing is completely digital, just one test and you get to know all your 3 billion genes.


Single Test, Focus on the Future:

Know all your disease risks

Graphen genetic testing only needs to be done once in your life to understand the risks of over 350 diseases. The test results show clear scientific evidence at present and explain the 10 major diseases including cardiovascular and immune diseases, cancer, digestive system diseases, nervous system diseases, etc. Test results provide personal risk factors to help customers grasp the distance to the disease and predict the need for follow-up exams.


Advanced AI Technology:

Risk control, life-long renewal

Artificial intelligence has the ability to automatically read a large number of documents and judge the credibility. It makes it easy and efficient conduct our risk assessments and keep up with the latest medical research results. In addition to quantifying the risks of various diseases, customers only need to test once to subscribe to risk assessment updates. Risk control, life-long renewal.


10 Categories of 350+ Diseases at a Glance

A comprehensive understanding of your disease risk

With only one full genetic test, Graphen Atom can analyze over 350 disease risks and summarize your Digital Risk Profile in ten categories. It allows customers fully understand the possible future diseases as well as the doubts about family medical history, and immediately take response measures and adjustment strategies.

Atom quantifies the risk between individuals and diseases through a number of indicators, indicating that the risks of different diseases are acute: genome-wide Association (GWAS) statistical indicators, number of risk genetic coincidences, risk gene frequency, number of papers published on risk genes, IF, etc. In addition to quantifying the degree of disease risk, Atom also assess the degree of risk based on race and geolocation, and apply accurate testing to multiple ethnic groups.

This AI based Whole Genome Analysis allows customers to subscribe to life-long disease risk assessment services by providing full genetic testing data once, and the customer's risk control is always up to date with the latest research results.


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