Predictive Health Analysis

Predictive health based on advanced genome pathway analysis.

Gemonic Analysis

Atom uses one's whole genome sequencing analysis as a blueprint of one's overall well being. Graphen Personal Whole Genome Analytics System analyzes the entire 6.4B genome to provide risk likehood of 350+ diseases in 10 major categories. It gives a comprehensive review of one's congenital traits and detailed explanations as a foundation of the prediction of one's health.


Proteomic Analysis

Graphen Proteome Analytics System provides one's current status on 100+ diseases in the protein pathways. It gives a graphical representation on what one's protein variations have been impacting their body and gives a hint of how a certain disease may devleop in the future.


Environmental Analysis

Atom takes into consideration of one's lifestyle and environment when it comes to one's health. It analyzes multiple factors that may impact one's wellbeing and disease development.


Electronic Medical Record Analysis

Based on pathway analysis of one's personal Electronic Medical Record, Atom utilizes Graphen Ardi platform's Machine Learning, Machine Reasoning, and Machine Strategy technologies to help users analyze various "what-if" scenarios and predict the future of one's health.


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