Graphen Medical

Drug development, genome analysis and proteogenomics pathway analysis for the future precision medicine and precision health.


Products and Projects

Consumer Services

Whole Genome Analysis

Graphen Personal Whole Genome Analytics System analyzes one's entire 6.4B genome with one single test. It provides risk likehood of 350+ diseases in 10 major categories and can provide life long updates as new relevant researches become available over time.

Gene Dynamic Detection

Graphen's Gene Dynamic Detection provides one's current status on 100+ diseases in the protein pathway. It uses genetic tracking to understand the trend of one's genetic performance and grasp the safe distance between you and the disease. It assesses specific disease risks, design precise gene probes and provide precise prevention and health risk managment strategies.

De novo Design

Drug Design and Development

Graphen Drugomics is a pharmaceutical company creating novel AI and machine learning methods, pioneering the use of machine learning techniques such as using neural networks to help establish new molecules to be considered, better understand the biological effects of existing molecules. By using Graphen's AI technologies, Graphen Drugomics is able to design de novo small molecules drugs in a speed of 1/27 of traditional methods and 1/9000 of the traditional costs.

Research Collaboration

Virus Mutation Monitoring

Graphen contributes to the worldwide community in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus by providing our expertise in genome analysis. Graphen analyzed the variants of each reported whole genome sequencing from more than 100 countries and regions to-date, and identified the mutations as they spread.

Large-Scale Medical Article Understanding

To help understand large volumes of complex and lengthy medical articles, Graphen invented two important mechanisms: Biomedical Literature Question-Answering Methodology and Citations Methodology. Utilizing AI technologies to read and understand tens of thousands of medical articles and reports efficiently.

Graphen Atom AI speeds up Medical Innovation

Based on Full-Brain Graphen Ardi platform and AI Medical Platform Graphen Atom, Graphen Medical products currently include:

  • Consumer Services: Consumer Whole Genome Disease Analysis, Gene Dynamic Detection, Personalized Precision Medicine, Personalized Health Prediction
  • Drug Design and Development
  • Virus Mutation Surveillance
  • Large-Scale AI Medical Article Understanding
  • Together, they are paving a way towards future precision medicine and precision health.

    Graphen Medical approaches health care with the individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle in mind.

    Built upon the next-gen Ardi AI Platform, Atom Medical utilizes Graph Database and Analytics, Auto Model Optimizer and Autonomous Learning in analysis, prediction, treatment and prevention.


    Genomics Solutions

    Congenital Me: Graphen Whole Genome Analysis

    Do you want to know more about yourself? What does your blueprint say about your health and wellbeing? Graphen Personal Whole Genome Analytics System analyzes your entire 6.4B genome. It provides your risk likehood of 350+ diseases in 10 major categories.

    Today's Me: Gene Dynamic Detection

    Graphen Proteome Analytics System provides you with your current status of wellbeing on 100+ diseases in the protein pathways. It gives you a graphical representation on what your protein variations have been impacting your body.

    Future Me: Predictive Health Analysis

    Combining the genomic, proteomic, and environmental analysis, in conjunction with personal Electronic Medical Record, Graphen Atom helps you find what may come next, based on the pathway analysis. Let our analytic results help you towards a healthy life.


    Drug Design and Development based on AI

    Graphen Drugomics is a pharmaceutical division of Graphen Group, creating novel small molecules drug candidates targeting for protein kinases, in a rate of 1-5 candidates per month, entering cell-line and animal studies. Utilizing novel AI and machine learning methods, Graphen Drugomics pioneers the use of machine learning techniques such as using neural networks to help establish new molecules to be considered and better understand the biological effects of existing molecules. Graphen Drugomics uses techniques like active learning to guide the search, selection, and refinement of these molecules.

    Graphen Drugomics has four stages to develop drugs:

  • Stage 1: Druggable Candidates Finding using Whole Genomic Analysis Tool and Signal Pathway Analysis Tool.
  • Stage 2: Candidates Preprocessing using Epitope/Paratope Site Prediction Tool, Protein Function Prediction Tool and Protein Structure Prediction Tool.
  • Stage 3: Small Molecular / Biosimilar Drug Development using ADME prediction Tool, Antibody - Antigen Selection Model Graph-Based Drug Target Affinity Prediction.
  • Stage 4: Precision Drug Development using mutated Protein Binding Energy prediction
  • Image

    Graphen Drugomics's Current Pipeline of Drug Design

    Small Molecular Drug Design:
    Drug Reproposing

    Using the newest drug database to find out suitable drug candidates and predict affinity (Ki/Kd/Ka) for druggable target.

    Small Molecular Drug Design:
    De novo New Drug

    Using the newest Drug Database with multi-objective to generate suitable drug candidates from Affinity Score (Ki/Kd/Ka), QED score and Drug solubility Score.

    Antibody Drug Optimization:
    Ab/Ag-Interactivate Prediction

    Using Graphen affinity and contacting prediction to find out effective antibody structure, end to end predict structure and affinity.

    Antibody Drug Optimization:
    Humanization and Developability Prediction

    Using Graphen amino acid substitution and restructure force filed model to check the developability of antibody structure and humanization

    Vaccine Optimization:
    Vaccine Design and Optimization

    Optimize vaccine by variant information, structure energy and contact information, analyzing vaccine protein immunogenicity and the ability of immune escape from antibody or immune cell.

    Immunol Therapeutic Vaccine Design:
    Oncoprotein Epitope Design and Optimization

    Selection highest immunogenicity epitopes form oncoprotein by TCR interaction, analyzing mutated protein epitope structures and the ability of multi epitope from TCR interaction.


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