Gene Dynamics Detection

Prevention and treatment strategy based on one's genetic performance trends.

Genetic Performance Overtime:

Understand your genetic performance trends

Innate genetic composition contains information about possible future disease risks. But factors such as environmental factors, living habits, and bacterial virus infections cause changes in acquired gene expression over time, which are the main reasons for triggering diseases. Use genetic tracking to understand the trend of your genetic performance and grasp the safe distance between you and the disease.


Long-term Genomic History:

Your prevention and treatment strategy for protection

Differences in gene expression determine how lifestyle can affect your risk of disease and has an impact on the most appropriate treatment strategy when you are sick. Through long-term monitoring of your genetic performance trends, Atom can provide genomic history to help doctors choose the best strategy for you, increase the quality of life and prevent the occurrence of diseases.


Advanced AI Technology:

Uncover key factors and accurately prevent diseases

Atom’s artificial intelligence technology analyzes the human body's physiological transmission chain and gene and protein mutations. It can determine how your gene performance causes specific disease risks, and design precise gene probes to find out key potential factors, see the microscopic knowledge, and provide you with precise prevention strategies.


Gene Dynamic Performance Interaction Evaluation

Atom incorporates the Biological Signaling Pathways network formed by the interaction between genes into the evaluation process, linking current gene performance with future potential disease risks. It not only observes the changes in the trends of individual genes, but also evaluates your health-disease progress based on the overall changes in your personal gene network, which is accurate and constructive.

Atom applies advanced AI to gene expression network analysis and primer design specially used for multi-target detection, to find out the key factors that cause your future disease risk, which provides high-precision, low-false positive detection results, while finding the key risk factors at multiple levels.


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