Graphen Finance

AI powered offerings for the forward-thinking leaders of the financial industry.

Financial Risk

Graphen AI Financial Risk Suite provides banks an financial industry protection from financial crimes with advanced AI technology.

Loan Risk Prediction

This solution utilizes Graph Computing to analyze complex relationships between customers and predict the probability of non-performing loans. It helps risk control personnel to monitor the default risk and make correspondences in real time.

Fraud Detection

Working with one of the largest banks in Asia, Graphen developed a real-time transaction fraud detection system to integrate customer data and transaction information, effectively identify the risk of fraud.

Anti-Money Laundering

Utilizing Machine Learning Module, Graphen developed an AML system that takes into consideration of complex relationships and cashflow between entities and imports behavior models to detect money laundering patterns.


Customer Intelligence

Smart Due Diligence (DD)

Automated workflow for the monitoring and investigation process of real-time transactions in trade finance centralized trade finance due diligence and related information management system. Improve the quality and efficiency of due diligence, and reduce human error and bias.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Through Smart DD, Graphen Alpha KYC helps businesses to understand their customers with insights. It can be applied to any organization that is looking to get more indepth customer analyis, i.e. online marketing, e-commerce, etc.


Market Intelligence and AI Agents

Market Intelligence

By using Ardi AI platform, Graphen Market Intelligence is able to provide analysts, subscribers, AI traders, etc. with such insights to help them better understand real-time market changes.

Personal Financial Advisor

Graphen's Wealth Agent is based on our novel R&D of the Alpha Artificial Intelligence Trader system. It provides not one single strategy, but many personized AI traders that have different personalities and are customized to or able to be subscribed to based on the customers' requirements.


Real-Time News and Conversational QA

Alpha News

Graphen team developed an advanced system, utilizing advanced Machine Reading Comprehension, Machine Translation, Sentiment Analysis, Summarization, and Recommendation Engine.

The system provides the most relevant and important news articles with potentially higher market impact. It assists Asset managers and individual investors to consume daily news much more efficient.

Alpha QA

Upon the foundation of Alpha News, the team created a voice-based dialog app available on smart phones. With extensive domain knowledge database, this advanced AI system can handle voice or text questions and answers using natural language processing.


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