Small Molecular Designer - Drug Reproposing

Using the newest drug database to find out suitable drug candidates and predict affinity (Ki/Kd/Ka) for druggable target.

Drug Reproposing

Drug reproposing is the fastest way to find the most effective and safest drug for clinical usage when diseases breaks out.

Many researchers and companies build small molecular databases to support drug development. Graphen Atom trained a powerful drug target affinity module to determine the efficacy of drug from opensource databases. Moreover, the team care deeply about the safetiness based on chemical structure and human absorption, utlizes its Drug Safe and Effective Module to predict ADME, side effects and other chemical properties.

For drug developability, we use our retrosynthesis module.

Atom provides an End-to-End service for small molecular drug reproposing from affinity prediction, safety prediction and retrosynthesis prediction.


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