Business Monitoring Center

Protect your operations with AI.

Protect your organization with AI

Billions to trillions of records flock into a modern corporation's IT systems everyday. How does an organization know what is going on with their systems, applications and people?

A monitoring center at a corporation's headquarters can be a big control room that is filled by arrays of giant screens. It is extremely challenging to visualize such Big Data. It requires advanced visualization technologies that combine Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Design, Rendering and Interaction Technologies.


Graphen Business Monitoring Center

The Graphen monitoring system of the central control center helps organizations to grasp the operational status in real time. For example, it monitors:

  • Status of online and mobile activities;
  • Customer service records;
  • Public opinion monitoring;
  • Abnormal computers and other equipment conditions;
  • Other market monitoring.
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    AI in Action

    Graphen's Business Monitoring Center is already deployed at one of the world's largest banks' New York City Branch as their internal monitoring system. It was also deployed in one of the largest banks of Taiwan in their HQ in Taipei.

    The system ensures the smooth and efficient operations of the organization. It includes process monitoring, compliance monitoring, netowrk activity monitoring, equipment monitoring, security monitoring, etc.



  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Bayesian Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Graph Database and Analytics
  • Advance Visualization
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