Persona Based Use Case 3

Use Ardi to detect Money Laundering

User 3, Risk Manager

William, Risk Analyst

Task: "I’m responsible for detecting any money laundering cases."

William is a Risk Analyst at Bank of America. He is responsible for flagging potential money laundering activities to protect the bank from paying millions of dollars of fines.



Leverage data on loans, counter parties, corporations, relationships, guarantee, phone and addresses and other information.

William can explore the relationship among clients and their profiles.


Functionality and Strategy

Ardi platform allows users like William to analyze and visualize suspicious Money Laundering events.

Users are able to:

  • Concatenate and manage daily updated trade records data
  • Explore data and have a general insight using graph database quickly
  • Use functions such as egonet in graph analytics section to analyze network risks
  • Combine machine learning techniques such as supervised classification algorithm to analyze customer features and determine if they are risk of money laundering; labels are past SARs filed by the bank
  • Monitor the risks after the implementation of analysis and visualization using up-to-date data over time
  • Edit and export genomic analysis reports

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    Ardi platform will help risk managers to detect potential money laundering activities and other financial crimes and protect financial institutions from it.

    Anita Finance
  • Core Banking Monitoring
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Non-Performing Loan Prediction
  • Market Intelligence
  • AI Trader
  • Know Your Customer
  • Due Diligence

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