Persona Based Use Case 2

Ardi for advanced fraud detection

User 2, Data Scientist

Mary, Data Scientist

Task: "I’m conducting research on fraud detection for insurance claims."

The application will be used by people like Mary, a Data Scientist at an insurance company.

Mary is the data scientist at Esurance, working within the Fraud Detection and Analytics department.

Mary’s primary objective is to detect potential fraud activities for insurance claims using machine learning and graph analytics. She performs routine, analytical reviews of data and documentations which may include customer data for fraud activities. She is tasked with making decisions on disputed transactions and suspect activity flagged for investigative review.



Leverage data on:

  • Claim application
  • Claim results
  • Policy information
  • Beneficiary information
  • Applicant information
  • Insurant information, etc.

  • Mary can explore the relationship among parties and build models.


    Functionality and Strategy

    Ardi platform allows users like Mary to analyze and visualize relationship graphs based on claims and policies, therefore make predictions for potential fraud using machine learning platforms.

    Users are able to:

  • Concatenate and manage daily updated policy and claim event data
  • Explore data and have a better insight using graph database quickly
  • Process and generate features for machine learning modeling
  • Build and obtain the best machine learning models for fraud detection
  • Automate and monitor the fraud activities after the implementation of analysis and modeling using up-to-date data over time
  • Edit and export genomic analysis reports

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    Ardi platform will help data scientists in the insurance industry quickly visualize the relationships between multiple parties and properties, utilizing machine learning modeling for fraud detection.

    Alice Security
  • Insider Threat Monitoring and Detection
  • Fraud Detection

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