Persona Based Use Case 1

Use Ardi to understand virus mutation and propagation

User 1, Medical Researcher

Michael, Principal Researcher

Task: “I’m trying to figure out how the COVID-19 virus SARS-CoV-2 evolves.”

The application will be used by people like Michael, a Principal Researcher at a Medical Center.

Michael is the Principal Researcher at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, working with doctors, researchers, professors and analysts.

Michael’s primary objective is to explores the mutations of the viruses. Such mutation and propagation patterns can help companies better identify targets for drug development, public health prediction on the spreading speed, or even predict the harmfulness of specific variants that may cause symptoms beyond those observed from the original strain.



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  • User explores the mutations of the viruses to construct the evolution tree.

    *Other fields Ardi platform leverages include: Protein information, location information, patient sample information, etc.


    Functionality and Strategy

    Ardi platform allows users like Michael to analyze and visualize the COVID-19 virus mutation and propagation.

    Users are able to:

  • Concatenate and manage daily updated mutation data
  • Explore data and have a general insight using graph database quickly
  • Perform graphical analytics using multiple algorithms
  • Monitor the evolution of variants after the implementation of analysis using up-to-date data over time
  • Edit and export genomic analysis reports

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    Ardi platform will help a medical researcher to quickly visualize the evolutionary pathways of the variants of a certain virus and get insights on its propagation.

    Adam Medical
  • AI Medical Assistant
  • Diagnostic Medicine
  • Genome and Proteome Analytics Platform
  • Precision Medicine
  • Monitoring Worldwide COVID-19 Mutations of 10,000+ Sequenced Viruses

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