Ardi Strategy

Predict possible outcomes and determine the best solution.

Ardi Strategy

By definition, strategy is a plan of policy designed to achieve a certain aim. The human brain is constantly strategizing to achieve certain goals or tasks, evaluating the best possible path to solve different problems.

Scoring on various scenarios of stress tests and what-if conditions, Ardi's Strategy module assigns predictions on incomplete fields, scores update as new information is discovered or provided.


A Holistic Approach

Strategy provides a holistic approach to analyze one’s behavior in comparison to control groups to create roadmap to solve any complex problem.

The Time Series Analyses include:

  • Supervised Machine Learning: Regression, Clustering, etc.
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning: Clustering, Local Outlier Factorization, etc.
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    Behavior Analysis

    Ardi's Strategy analyzes a customer’s behavior vs. control groups in a few clear and effective steps:

  • Evaluate customer risk via analysis of customer behavior and relationship changes;
  • Discrepancies with self or peer group behavior within the same industry;
  • Detect anomalous transaction behavior, including frequency and suspicious counterparties.

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    Use Case

    Violet is a marketing manager at a public relations agency. She is responsible for developing a promotional campaign for a new brand. The usual method is to judge the feasibility of the plan based on experience and conduct a small-scale A/B testing. Depending on the size of her test, she needs to set aside a big chunks of her budget for testing.

    Now with the help of Ardi, especially the Strategy feature, she can fully simulate the campaign plan and evaluate the outcomes without paying a dime. Ardi helps her to find the best campaign strategy with no extra spending on tests.


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