Ardi Pipeline

A streamlined workflow to help manage projects and tasks.

Procedural Memory

Athletes develop muscle memory by training so they can conduct a certain movement. This is called the procedural memory, which is a type of long-term memory involving how to perform a certain action. For example, writing, riding a bike, swimming, are all examples of procedural memories.


A Streamlined Workflow

Ardi’s Pipeline function records user activities and automatically repeats it with a set schedule, creating a streamlined workflow. It allows users to manage projects and tasks intelligently and seamlessly.


Smart Project Management

Deployed in several largest banks in the world, Ardi allows seamless AI project management:

  • Schedule tasks
  • Cascade task steps
  • Publish production applications
  • Monitor status of each step

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    Use Case

    Lin is a program manager at a global financial institution who is leading a few teams and in charge of different cross-team projects daily. Ardi Pipeline allows her to seamless use AI project management to schedule tasks, cascade task steps, publish production applications and monitor the status of each step in real time.


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