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Human Essential: Personality

One of the most essential part of being human is our unique personality as an individual. One's personality traits and differences are a reflection of structural variance in specific parts of the brain.

Personalities varies widely. And these various patterns and traits largely influence one's bahavior, thought process, emotions, etc.

To mimic the full brain functionality, it is important to address the differences and how personalities play a huge role in it.


Big5 Personality Traits (OCEAN)

One of the most popular approaches to personality traits is the Big5 Traits (OCEAN) which includes: openness to experience (curious or cautious), conscientiousness (organised or careless), extraversion (outgoing or solitary), agreeableness (friendly or detached) and neuroticism (nervous or secure).

Graphen Ardi Personality is built upon the foundation of the Big5 model. The Team conducted an extensive Personal Trait Study and concludes:

  • Personal traits do impact preference forrecommendation messages in lab study;
  • Personal traits, inferred from social media, also can predict real-world responses to recommendationsmade via Twitter;
  • It is possible to measure these effects interacting with real people in a real-world setting.
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    Personality, Needs, Value and Behavior

    Inferred Cognitive Traits include:

  • Human Essentials: personality, needs, value, trustworthiness;
  • Human Dynamic: contextual behavior and emotional state;
  • Information Dynamic: info reasoning and morphing and visual sentiment.
  • These traits determines our needs, values and how we behave.

    Understanding and developing unique personality traits helps to develop, predict and guide behavior to meet a certain needs that are aligned with the value.


    Use Case

    Steward is a hedge fund manager responsible for millions of dollars of investments daily. His clients all have different needs and unique investment requirements. It's been quite a challenge for him to juggle multiple trades at the same time.

    With Graphen's investment knowledge agents built upon Ardi Personality, he's able to get investment suggestions precisely tailored for his dynamic client base.

    Steward utilizes these AI agents that are capable of learning, listening, understanding, reasoning, speaking and each one of them having unique personality traits that fits his client's personality and investment styles. Utilizing the personalized AI helps him to manage his work efficiently and effortlessly.


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