Ardi Knowledge

AI with common sense and deep domain knowledge.

Ardi Knowledge QA

Graphen Ardi Knowledge provides adequate natural language understanding capability and generic knowledge to get answers, an AI with "common sense".

Ardi Knowledge QA comprehends documents and manuals to gain knowledge and provide answers; it automaticallhy searches internal databases to provide answer and uilizes its built in database for general questions. It also composes responses with user's natural language flow to encourage continuous conversations and help get the information needed.

You can ask any question to the Ardi Knowledge. The English version is already available and the Chinese version will be ready soon. It serves not just a web interface, but also can listen and speak in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Deep Domain Knowledge

Built upon Graphen's advanced Graph Computing, Ardi Knowledge provides extensive domain knowledge, which is essential in advanced AI data training and application developments.

With superior knowledge database developed by industry experts and based on massive, valuable references, Ardi Knowledge is able to help users achieve results that outperform competitors. Deep domain knowledge provide incredible values.


Advanced Data Mining

Ardi Knowledge has the ability to run advanced data mining algorithms with a number of unique techiques.

With this technology, Ardi Knowledge is able to extract valuable information for further analysis, prediction and desision making. It can be applied to many industry for different needs including live-event monitoring, knowledge database building, real-time threat detection, etc.


Use Case

Aaron is a Sales Enablement Director at an electronic company. One of his biggest challenges is to equip his ever-growing frontline sales force with the most up-to-date product knowledge and work more efficiently.

Using Ardi Knowledge, he and his team built an advanced internal knowledge database which includes all the product knowledge, sales process and other tools needed for outbound or inbound sales calls.

Now he and his small team freed so much time from answering simple, repetetive questions from the sales team and can focus on more strategic sales support.


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