Graphen Alice

Secure AI technology and self-defense AI cybersecurity

Next-Gen AI Security

Graphen Alice provide a suite of next-gen AI powered cybersecurity tools that protect an organization from inside and out.

Alice is a user behavior analytics-based cybersecurity monitoring system that detects insider threats and gathers all relevant and available information about users, devices, applications and network, detecting anomalies at various levels.

It provides an aggregate risk assessment to predict cybersecurity risks of all entities within the organization.


Protection Against APT

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) are attacks that gain an unauthorized foothold for the purpose of executing an extended, continuous attack over a long period of time. According to MITRE ATTACK®, a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observation, there are 110 reported types of attack tactics which include 178 attack techniques and 352 attack sub-techniques.

A typical APT often goes through the sequence of external resonnaissance, gaining access, internal reconnaissance, expanding access, gathering information, information extraction, control of information leaks and erasing tracks.

APTs and Insider Threats are hard to catch by traditional anti-virus and malware detection. Organizations need a sophisticated, self-defense strategy such as Graphen CyberImmune to protect them from such advanced attacks.


Tested and Approved by Industry Leaders

Graphen CyberImmune APT Cybersecurity is deployed at one of the world's largest banks at their NYC branch as their internal cybersecurity system. It has proven to:

  • Reduce false alarm;
  • Improve detection rates;
  • Detect hidden and potential threats.
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    Advanced AI for Ultra Protection

    Risk Detection

    Graphen CyberImmune APT Cybersecurity provides advanced capabilities to detect threats that already entered and resided in the organization. It can detect through both contextual analysis and human behavior reasoning.

    Behavior Monitoring and Prediction

    The solution breaks free from limitations of existing anti-threat applications and event management systems. It monitors user and device behavior over a long period of time.

    Graph Computing Powered

    Entities and activities are analyzed by our AI solution to automatically rank real-time risk of each entity in context.


    Terabyte-scale, long-term monitoring and automatic detection to report and predict advanced persistent track (APT) including, but not limited to, espionage, sabotage, fraud, etc.
    Similar to how the immune system functions inside human body, CyberImmune self-defenses abnormal behaviors by autonomous learning.

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