AI Assistant

General-Knowledge agents capable of Understanding, Learning and Reasoning.

True AI Assistant

Built on Ardi AI Foundation, Graphen developed its next-gen AI Assistant, a series of General-Knowledge agents capable of:

  • Understanding spoken languages;
  • Learning from user manuals, massive research literature, articles, news and reports;
  • Reasoning to form answers to talk to customers;
  • Understanding content from multimodalities such as events and relationships of people in videos.
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    Voice-Based Dialog Apps

    Graphen's AI Assistant can be delivered as voice-based dialog apps available on smart phones. These industrial knowledgable advanced AI assistants can handle company related voice or text questions and answers, helping enterprises scale in their customer service needs:

  • Use Ardi Knowledge and Reasoning tools to provide adequate natural language understanding capability and generic knowledge to get answers;
  • Comprehend company documents and manuals to gain knowledge and provide answers;
  • Search internal databases to provide answers;
  • Utilize Ardi Knowledge for general questions, if the internal databases do not have the answer;
  • Compose responses with user natural language speaking and respond information accessible through continuous conversations to help get the information needed;
  • Present choices and/or ask follow-up questions to help clarify user intent.
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    Graphen AI Assistant can be applied to various industries to support enterprises' specific needs.

    For example, Graphen has developed and deployed an advanced AI Car Assistant in partnership with the largest automotive enterprise in North America. The AI Car Assistant can converse with users in general conversations and provide specific car related suggestions.

    It's a truly innovative approach to the future of customer success and suppport.


    Core Technology


  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning

  • Understanding:

  • Graph Database and Analytics
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Deep Video Understanding

  • Reasoning:

  • Bayesian Learning
  • Situation Recognition
  • Auto Model Optimizer
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