Graphen Aiia

Next-gen digital humans to support you with intelligence, effenciency and control

Meet Nurse Aiia

With advanced AI technology as its foundation, Nurse Aiia provides support at hospitals with improved efficiency and effectiveness. For instance, Nurse Aiia can support doctors and nurses at with medical information and patient management. Our advanced digital humans currently speak English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.


Nurse Aiia Functions

① Patient Care:

  • Operate routine works for Nurse: discharging info, facility info, forms to fill, patient and caregiver educations, social worker roles, etc;
  • Provide health-information on how to cope with the situation by medical information, health information etc.;
  • Provision of information on economics, travel, hobbies and preferences through conversations between patients and avatars;
  • Brain vitalization through enhanced daily conversation, maintenance and promotion of health, and support as a "personal companion”;
  • Entertainment for patients.
  • ② Operational Support:

  • Patient personal information: including gene information, treatment history, drug administration information, etc.;
  • Real-time sensor data monitoring of patients: body temperature, blood pressure, sleep, turnover status, awake status, etc.
  • Nurse Aiia Demo

    Patient Care - Check in (English)

    Nurse Aiia checks in on paitent with medium pain

    Patient Care - Check in (English)

    Nurse Aiia checks in on paitent with severe pain

    Operational Support - Hospital Introduction (Chinese)

    Nurse Aiia serves as a nurse for hospital introduction.

    Operational Support - Fall Prevention (Chinese)

    Nurse Aiia for patient fall prevention education.

    Patient Care - Daily Check (Chinese)

    Graphen digital human Aiia serves as a nurse to check in on the patient.

    Patient Care - Blood Draw (Chinese)

    Graphen digital human Aiia serves as a nurse for blood draw.

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