Graphen Ava Space

AI Digital Human as Assistant of Your Daily Life!!

Welcome to the Future of Home and Office with the Unlimited Potential of Ava Space

Empower your living space with AI Assistant. With your personal needs in mind and privacy as a top-priority, Ava is your at-home digital butler or at-office digital secretary!


Your Wish is My Command

Ava Space is the personal assistant you've always wanted and more!

Designed with advanced conversational skills, vast knowledge database and built upon next-gen AI, Ava can help you manage your day to day tasks easily and efficiently while keeping you entertained.


Your Privacy is Top Priority

Graphen's one-of-a-kind Ava Space has your pravicy as its top concern.

Unless specifically asked to connect to the internet via third-party app or web browser, all Ava's work is done locally. Unlike some other technology vendors, we will never sell or share your personal data!


Connect with Anyone in the World

Ava Space is the giant smart device you need at home to entertain, and connect with family and friends from afar.

She can help you to video call your loved once with your perferred methods of communications. You can also have a conference call using Ava Space - it's almost like you are together in real life!


What Ava Space Can Assist You With

Ava entertains with card games

Ava helps with food ordering 2

Ava helps order food

Ava as a Financial Advisor

Find your Ava Space today.