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Next-gen AI with unlimited potential to elevate your business with intelligence, efficiency and empathy.

Introducing Aiia: AI Powered Digital Human

Welcome to the future of customer support with the unlimited potential of Aiia to assist your business with more intelligence, efficiency and consistency.


Key Features of Aiia

Integrated AI System

Combines hardware and software seamlessly

Privacy Priority

Ensures individual privacy while providing personalized interactions


Supports English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, with more languages planned

Personable Avatars

Displays personality and emotion for engaging interactions

Realistic Interaction

Enables lifelike eye contact and facial expressions

Payment Integration

Works seamlessly with payment systems and mobile apps

Meet Aiia - World's First Digital Human for Daily Life!

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How can Aiia Help?

Concierge Aiia

Scenarios: Landmarks, Conference Centers, Hospitals, Hotels

Step into the future of hospitality with our digital concierge. Whether you're at a hospital, hotel, garden, theme park, museum, or conference center, our virtual concierge is here to assist.


Receive a warm welcome and essential information about the premises from our virtual guide, ensuring you're well-informed from the moment you arrive.


Easily find your way around with expert guidance from our virtual assistant, making exploration effortless and stress-free.

Inquiry Resolution

Get instant assistance with directions, recommendations, and inquiries, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your visit.

Cashier Aiia

Scenarios: Quick Service Restaurants and Cafes

Bid farewell to long queues and embrace convenience with our digital cashier. Whether you're grabbing a quick bite at a fast casual joint or savoring a refreshing boba tea, our virtual cashier is here to expedite your transactions.

Order Assistance

Receive personalized assistance throughout your transaction, from placing your order to completing payment, guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy every step of the way.

Payment Processing

Enjoy swift and secure payment processing for your orders, ensuring a seamless checkout experience at your favorite fast food spots or boba tea shops.

Sales Aiia

Scenarios: Retail Store, Malls, and Exhibition Centers

Elevate your shopping experience with our digital sales assistant. Whether you're browsing in a store, exploring a shopping mall, or attending a product exhibition, our virtual sales assistant is here to help.

Product Information

Access detailed information about products and services, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.


Receive personalized recommendations based on your preferences and needs, enhancing your shopping experience and satisfaction.

Purchase Support

Enjoy seamless assistance with your purchases, from product selection to transaction completion, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable shopping journey.

Nurse Aiia

Scenarios: Hospitals, Clinics, Healthcare Facilities

Experience accessible healthcare support with our digital nurse. Whether you're at a hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility, our virtual nurse is here to provide assistance and information.

Medical Assistance

Receive basic medical guidance and support for minor ailments, medication reminders, and general health inquiries, promoting well-being and peace of mind.

Health Education

Access comprehensive health education materials and resources, empowering you with knowledge to make informed decisions about your well-being and lifestyle choices.

Medication Reminders

Stay on top of your medication schedule with timely reminders and guidance from our virtual nurse, ensuring optimal health management and adherence to treatment plans.

Office Assistant Aiia

Scenarios: Offices, Corporate Environments

Streamline your office operations with our digital office assistant. From handling administrative tasks to providing real-time information, Aiia enhances workplace efficiency.

Administrative Tasks

Manage schedules, coordinate meetings, and handle routine office tasks with precision and reliability.

Information Management

Provide up-to-date information on financial news, company updates, and other relevant data, ensuring informed decision-making.

Creative Assistance

Assist in creating images, presentations, and other creative tasks, boosting productivity and innovation in the workplace.

Customer Service Aiia

Scenarios: Customer Service Centers, Help Desks, Mobile Platforms

Enhance your customer service experience with our digital assistant available on tablets and phones. Aiia ensures timely and effective customer support across various platforms.

Query Resolution

Provide quick and accurate answers to customer inquiries, improving satisfaction and reducing wait times.

Support Ticket Management

Efficiently handle support tickets, track issues, and provide updates to customers, ensuring a smooth resolution process.

Customer Interaction

Engage with customers through personalized interactions, building strong relationships and enhancing overall service quality.

Graphen Aiia Series Models

Discover the Perfect Aiia Models that Match Your Business Needs

Aiia Classic

Sleek yet powerful, Aiia Classic offers essential features for sales assistance and cost optimization, making it the perfect choice for businesses prioritizing efficiency.

Aiia Kiosk

Revolutionize customer interactions and drive operational efficiency with Aiia Kiosk. Seamlessly integrating payment systems and supply chain management, it's the ultimate solution for businesses in the AI era.

Aiia Glass

Enhance customer engagement with Aiia Glass. Its sleek design and dual-sided screens make it perfect for general inquiries and customer assistance, setting a new standard for interaction.

Aiia Hologram

Step into the future with Aiia Hologram. Featuring a full-sized screen and enhanced engagement capabilities, it delivers an immersive experience, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Aiia Tablet

Compact and versatile, Aiia Tablet delivers AI-powered support for efficient customer service, enhancing accessibility in any scenario.

Success Stories

Voice-Ordering Service Applied at Restaurant

October 2023 | Manhattan, New York

Our cutting-edge voice-ordering service, powered by the Graphen Aiia Kiosk, revolutionized the dining experience in Manhattan. This deployment underscores Graphen's commitment to enhancing customer interactions through advanced artificial intelligence.

Digital Nursing Implemented at Hospitals

November 2023 | Taiwan

In November, we successfully deployed our digital avatar assistant, Aiia, at major hospitals in Changhua and Taipei. Aiia has proven to be a game-changer in the healthcare sector by significantly reducing the workload on nursing staff. Operating 14 hours a day, Aiia handles up to 60% of the tasks typically managed by nurses, thereby improving efficiency and allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.

Digital Sales Deployed in Retail Stores

December 2023| Queens, New York

Our innovative Aiia solutions have also been implemented in a major technology retail store since December. The deployment of our digital avatar assistants in retail environments demonstrates their versatility and effectiveness in enhancing customer service, managing inquiries, and supporting staff in day-to-day operations.

Digital Concierges Applied Worldwide

May 2024 | Worldwide

In 2024, Aiia expanded its role to become a concierge, showcasing its adaptability and excellence in customer service:

Manhattan (April 2024): Aiia served as a concierge at a high-profile seminar, assisting attendees with information, directions, and personalized assistance.

Singapore (May 2024): Aiia demonstrated its capabilities at a major conference, providing seamless support to participants and enhancing their overall experience.

Taipei (May 2024): In a hospital lobby, Aiia functioned as a concierge, guiding patients and visitors, answering queries, and facilitating smooth operations.

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