Graphen Aiia

Next-gen AI with unlimited potential to elevate your business with intelligence, efficiency and empathy.

Advanced, AI Powered Digital Human

Meet Aiia - World's First Digital Human for Daily Life!


Aiia Kiosk - Safe and Cost Effective Operations

Aiia Kiosk's dual touchscreen and conversational functions provide great flexibility to store owners with both touch-based user interface and touchless ordering for effortless customer services. It brings excitement and offers a safe and convenient option in a post-pandemic world.

Aiia Kiosk offers multiple scenarios and applications to reduce the workload of human cashiers. With multiple languages available, Aiia Kiosk addresses the problem of labor shortage while improving business operational efficiency.

Aiia is a perfect digital human for coffee shops, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, and any other stores. Equipped with POS*, scanner, and printer, Aiia Kiosk is available in the 24" Desktop model and the 32" Classic model.

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Aiia Show - Empower and Transform Your Business

Aiia Show is an AI-enabled interactive Digital Human Signage that welcomes you to the future of next-gen hotel, hospital, and other customer-facing businesses.

Aiia Show interacts through natural conversation and body language to create instant bond with customers. Aiia's extensive product and general knowledge built upon advance Graph Computing will help cross-sale / upsale.

Aiia Show serves as a welcoming receptionist, a caring nurse, a thoughtful salesperson, or a knowledgeable financial advisor to empower your business.

While standing by, Aiia Show can also serve as a conventional information board with touch screen as well as a multi-lingual digital guide who can converse in natural languages.

Available in three models: Classic for a premium experience, Mobile with the ability to navigate and move, and Future to bring a luxury upgrade to your business. Each Aiia Show is designed to fit your business needs (and space).

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Aiia Move - Novel Operating System of Future Cars

Aiia Move's advanced communications skills combined with deep car domain knowledge make your driving experiences so much safer and a lot more fun.

Built upon decades of automotive data and experience of working with industry leader, Aiia Move can help you diagnose and prevent any car issues with its RDS (Remote Diagnostics System) as well as keeping you entertained via its virtual assistant and multi media management.

Now available both in 13.5" and 15.6". Welcome to the future of the automotive world.

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Aiia Space - the Experience of a Digitized World

Tired of scrolling on your tiny screen? Concerned about privacy while using your smart devices? Want to woo your customers with real humanlike digital assistants? Welcome to the future of a digitized world and enhance your home or business with Aiia Space.

Available in 75" or 86", flat screen or 3D, Aiia Space is the next innovative gadget that everyone wants in their home or business! It is your intelligent personal assistant that cares about your privacy and fulfills your needs with loyalty. With Aiia Space, you get to connect with anyone in the world in real time like they are physically with you. And you can enjoy all the other benefits of a smart device or kiosk while immersed in an expanded space!

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The Future of Customer Interaction

Graphen Robotics creates digital humans that think, feel, interact with intelligence, efficiency and empathy.

Aiia is designed to assist with various needs ranging from customer services, retail store experiences, e-commerce, etc. The sky is the limit.

ImageCashier Aiia

Ordering meals and drinks has never been easier with Cashier Aiia's advanced natural conversational skills and check out functionality. Aiia is the perfect digital human for coffee shops, bakeries, and fast food restaurants.

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ImageSales Aiia

Sales Aiia is the ultimate AI-powered cashier for grocery and retail stores, delivering an engaging and entertaining interaction to enhance customer experience and assisting with marketing and promotional efforts.

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ImageConcierge Aiia

Built on the foundation of decades of experience leading global AI projects, Conscierge Aiia serves as a humanlike receptionist, offering innovative features that go above and beyond to empower your hotel or office front desk.

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ImageNurse Aiia

Nurse Aiia is designed to assist nurses and doctors in hospitals. For example, she can be the perfect support for patient intake and admission, medical record management, patient care as well as sharing educational information.

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ImageAdvisor Aiia

Advisor Aiia is a home and office assistant who understands human emotions and intentions with empathy. With your privacy as a top priority, Advisor Aiia helps you connect with the world and manage your finances like never before.

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ImageAssistant Aiia

Assistant Aiia enhances your safety and driving experience with advanced AI technology. With Aiia Move, you have a digital human assistant as well as an RDS that empowers you to stay safe, entertained and connected on-the-go.

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Humanlike Digital Avatar to Empower Your Business

Graphen designed Aiia to give you an upgrade from mundane tasks so you can thrive in your business.

Aiia is the first digital human who actually behaves in a humanlike way. Their natural way of conversing with eye contact, facial expressions and body language is built upon advanced artificial intelligence and empathy.

Choose the Perfect Aiia for Your Business

With inclusivity and the uniqueness of each business in mind, you can choose from a diverse group of avatars to fit your business needs and connect with your community.

Each avatar is designed with artificial empathy and understanding of emotions. Aiia can interact with you in a humanlike way through natural conversation, body language, eye contact, and etc., based on their unique personality.

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