Graphen Aiia Show

Next-gen AI Digital Signage to transform your customer services and elevate your business.

Serve your customer with the knowledgeable digital worker via Aiia Show

Aiia Show is an interactive Digital Human Signage. Aiia's extensive professional knowledge will enhace your customer service, sales and marketing success.

Aiia Show includes a 55" Full HD or 4K Touch Screen with the newest Intel i7-12th generation CPU, 32GB RAM, and 256GB SSD storage. It runs on Windows 10/11 Pro, and includes Camera (128 degree wide-angle), Microphone (8-channel array), Speaker (20W or above), Wifi, and Bluetooth. With beautifl tamper-proof glass and sleek design of 29.6"(W) x 74.3"(H) x 1.7"(D), on a base of 29.6"(W) x 19.7"(D), Aiia Show's hardware built is also eye-catching. You can use it with Professional Aiia software, or with your own display material. Additional payment processing system for Credit/Debit Card or Apple/Google Pay is available.

Currently, Aiia Show can be purchased in the United States, through:

  • (1) monthly leasing fee of $899+/month (including the Aiia Show Digital Signage hardware and the Professional Aiia digital human avatar cusomized for your business, e.g., Sales, Concierge, Nurse, Financial Advisor, etc.), or
  • (2) $4,500 Aiia Show Digital Signage hardware purchase with one-month free trial of customized professional digital human avatar ($499+/month after the trial if subscribing to the avatar).

It will soon be available in Japan and Taiwan.

Please contact our sales or visit our heardquarters in Midtown Manhattan or branch offices in Tokyo or Taipei.


The Future of Customer Success

Are you ready to upgrade how you greet and connect with your customers? Aiia Show is here to help you in the most innovative and creative way!

Aiia Show is designed to to be the receptionist and product expert all built in one!


Professional Services

Aiia Show is designed to assist organizations and individuals with various need in the professional settings. For example, she can be the perfect support for nurses and doctors at a hospital.

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Retail Stores

Aiia Show is the best greeter and helper to engage and entertain customers at any retail store. Supported by advanced AI, Aiia can enhance customer in-store experience and help with marketing.

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Vitual Receptionist

Built upon decades of experience of leading global AI projects, Aiia Show has the innovative ability to act as a receptionist for any hotel or customer facing organization in a humanlike way and beyond to empower your business.

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Imagine a digital human that resonates with your customers and knows your products to empower your business.


Intelligent Interactions to Engage Customers

Aiia Show's human-like interactions help businesses to engage with their customers in a fun and effective way.

Aiia Show is designed to fulfill different industries' needs including fashion, hospitality, health care, etc. It is available in 55" and in English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese to help connect with customers of different backgrounds.


Extensive Product Knowledge to Enhance Sales and Marketing

Graphen Aiia Show is built to help businesses to improve sales and marketing in an organic and sustainable way.

Aiia Show understands a customer's particular needs and preferences based on past transactions and personality. It can then provide targeted suggestions to upsale/cross-sale other products and services.


What Aiia Show Can Assist You With

Nurse Aiia assists at the hospital with patient admission (Chinese)

Sales Aiia as your personal shopper (English)

Concierge Aiia assists as a hotel receptionist for check in

Advisor Aiia helps you with portfolio monitoring

Sales Aiia as your personal shopper (Japanese)

Sales Aiia as your personal shopper (Chinese)

Find your Aiia Show today.