Graphen Aiia Move

Next-gen AI car assistant to enhance your experience within the third living space.

AI empowered RDS and digital assistant for an enhanced, safe and entertaining in-vehicle experience.

Unlock the future cars with the unlimited potential of Aiia Move, an AI powered ecosystem to expand and elevate your third living space - your vehicle.

With the RDS, external / internal environment monitoring, in-vehicle biometrics recognition, and user daily habit tracking, Aiia can actively, intelligently and accurately predict and meet driver’s and passengers’ needs.


The Paradigm Shift within the Automotive Industry

Aiia Move’s advanced communications skills combined with deep car domain knowledge makes your driving experiences so much safer and a lot more fun.

Built upon decades of automotive data and experience of working with industry leader, Aiia can keep you safe and entertained in your journey.

Aiia Move is now available in various sizes. Welcome to the future of the automotive world.

Designed with the future of automotive in mind

Aiia Moves takes into consideration of the complex components of a modern vehicle to fulfill both driver’s and passengers’ needs through natural human and AI interaction, RDS monitoring, as well as driver / passenger control for both safety and entertainment.

Graphen AI’s advanced voice and facial recognition technology makes it possible to monitor, anticipate and engage driver and passenger behavior for a safe and fun in-vehicle experience.


See Aiia Move in Action

1) Remote diagnostics of a vehicle’s current health status;

2) Control of the automotive body and entertainment system;

3) Assistance to order coffee, sync up your calendar, and keep you updated on the latest news.

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