Graphen Ava Kiosk

Next-gen AI Kiosk with unlimited potential to elevate your business with intelligence, efficiency and empathy.

Welcome to the Future of Serving Customers

Transform your business with our multilingual, highly effcient digital human Ava Kiosk. With much less than the cost of a human cashier, you can achieve the productivity and fun in your store.

Equipped with Point-of-Sales (POS) machines, QR code and Barcode Scanner, and Receipt Printer, this touchscreen device can be easily placed in the existing counter space in a store or being a standalone version.

Ava Kiosk has two choices: 32" standalone version and 24" countertop version.


The Paradigm Shift Across Industries

Are you the trailblazer who sees the unlimited potential of an AI Kiosk? Be one of the firsts who innovates with Ava Kiosk to up your retail game!

Ava Kiosk is designed to assist with high accurancy and productivity: customer services, retail store experiences, e-commerce, etc. You name it, Ava does it better!


Fast Food and Restaurant

Ava Kiosk is perfect for meal and drink ordering through Ava's advanced natural conversational skills. The digital human is the perfect assistant for any coffee shop, bakery or fast food resturant.

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Supermarket and Department Stores

Ava Kiosk is ideal for cashier checkout and customer services. It can be placed in the existing counter location to serve as cashier.


Grocery Store

Built with the reduction of cost and improvement of efficiency in mind, Ava Kiosk can help grocery stores solve the problem of the loss of labor in cashiers and help manage their sales more efficiently.

Safe and Cost Effective Operations

Ava Kiosk's conversational function allows touchless ordering and makes customer services a lot more effortless and safer in a post-pandemic world.

Ava Kiosk is designed with different scenarios and applications in mind to reduce operational costs of human cashiers. It solves the problem of lack or loss of manual labor and improves business efficiency.


The Future of a Digitized World

Graphen's one-of-a-kind Ava Kiosk provides humanlike interactions to support the transformation of your business.

Ava Kiosk interacts with customers with natual conversations and body language to create instant bonds with customers. Ava's extensive product and general knowledge built upon advance Graph Computing will help cros-ssale / upsale.

Ava Kiosk is compatible with most common payment methods, QR code scanning, and supports membership/loyality programs. A true upgrade to the next-gen store front.


Graphen Ava Kiosk POS Integration




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What Ava Kiosk Can Assist You With

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