The virus may spread more! Scientist reveals Coronavirus gene evolution

Posted by China Times on Mar 19, 2020

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The world's first AI "COVID-19 gene evolution path analysis" platform was launched. Taiwanese American scientist Ching-Yung Lin pointed out that the two groups of viruses in Europe and Washington State are extremely infectious, and they are likely to spread more and more! The picture shows the global evolutionary tree path of the Coronavirus gene. (Picture / Extracted from Graphen official website)

The world's first "Coronavirus gene evolution path" platform was launched. Taiwanese American scientist and Graphen CEO Ching-Yung Lin gathered 370 strains of the Coronavirus gene sequences from all over the world and used AI artificial intelligence to draw the evolution tree of the Coronavirus. Analysis of several strains of stubborn virus, Ching-Yung Lin warned that European and American viruses may become more aggressive as they spread, and they must not be allowed to spread!

According to the report of the smart technology communication platform "Future City", the evolutionary tree of the new Coronavirus can be seen as a star-like graph, presenting nearly 400 virus strains from more than 30 countries. Ching-Yung Lin explained that a red dot represents a virus that has been genetically sequenced; a green dot represents a group of viruses with a common genetic sequence; a white line is a virus association, and a green dot can show the infection of this group of viruses path.

Ching-Yung Lin said that from the gene evolution tree of the virus, it can be clearly seen who transmitted who, and through which mutations. In this way, it is not necessary to infer the source of infection from the history of contact and tourism. Even if the source of the infection in the community cannot be found, it can be seen Route of infection. In this intricate global network of infections, the most notable are the two sets of viruses in Europe and Washington State.

Ching-Yung Lin specially reminded that there were two strains of highly infectious virus, one of which was transmitted in China, Australia and other Asian countries for one month, and then mutated into another virus on January 24 and passed into Washington State; After spreading to Germany on March 28, it broke out in Italy, Finland, Switzerland, and the Netherlands at the end of February. One of the factors that has caused the recent outbreak of Europe to intensify is that the European borders are connected, causing the virus to spread like fireworks and eventually spread throughout Europe.

Regarding the European government's belief that new Coronavirus is like influenza, 60% to 70% of people will be okay after infection. Ching-Yung Lin refuted "this is a statement without public health knowledge." Ching-Yung Lin explained that the virus will not only spread, but also in the process of transmission mutations in the host, "the more they pass, the more mutations", the more chance they have to accumulate new attack capabilities. This is where the virus is really scary.

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