The Future of Artificial Intelligence is Here: Introducing Graphen AI Platform Ardi 1.0

By Susan Hu

Graphen has recently announced the release of its next-gen AI platform, Ardi, the first end-to-end next-gen AI system with all the major functions the team had envisioned and worked on over the last three years.Built by a group of industry leaders with over 15 years of experience in AI Security and AI Finance, Ardi is a comprehensive system to create advanced, enterprise-level AI solutions upon. Its seven key modules include Database, Analytics, Reasoning, Learning, Strategy, Explanation and Pipeline.

The Future of Machine Learning: Automatic Graph-based ML

By Susan Hu

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made rapid advancements in recent years, especially as big data becomes more available and computing capability improves tremendously. Machine learning (ML) is an area of AI where machines are trained by algorithms and autonomously, continuously learn from data to improve their performance in problem solving.

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