Graphen Supports the First Dumpling Store Operated with AI

By Susan Hu

Graphen, a pioneering force in the realm of AI innovation, is thrilled to introduce its state-of-the-art technology and product offerings to the inaugural EA Dumpling location in Manhattan's Midtown East - the world's very first AI-powered dumpling store!

Founded in 2017, Graphen has been developing and implementing its groundbreaking solutions and products within leaders across various industries. Graphen's mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge AI technology, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

For the brand-new dumpling spot under the esteemed EA Dumpling chain, Graphen is the go-to source for a comprehensive restaurant management system. This includes the provision of an iOS app, software, and hardware components.

In support of the restaurant's daily operations, Graphen has equipped the storefront with three 32" Graphen Ava Kiosks. These kiosks come complete with Square payment terminals, a cashier's POS station boasting a receipt printer and cash drawer, kitchen display iPads for efficient order ticket management, sticky label printers, as well as TV displays to relay order statuses and showcase promotions and advertisements.

These Voice-enabled Ava Kiosks come to life with digital avatars that offer both voice and touch screen user interfaces, delivering a virtual cashier experience. Customers can effortlessly place orders via the touch screen app or engage in voice interactions with the digital avatars.

Graphen further simplifies management tasks with its all-inclusive portal, enabling restaurant managers to oversee their entire operations from a single, centralized platform. Any updates made on this portal automatically synchronize with all the kiosks and services provided by Graphen within each store location. Moreover, this portal facilitates the analysis of sales reports, thereby aiding in inventory management and menu planning.

In addition to this, Graphen offers an iOS app for users to conveniently place online orders for pickup. This user-friendly app incorporates a rewards system, user memberships, and various other functionalities. The team also has plans to potentially integrate with delivery partners such as Grubhub, expanding the convenience and accessibility of the dumpling store's offerings.

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