Graphen Receives Patent in Persona-Driven and Artificially Intelligent Avatar

By Susan Hu

Graphen is pleased to announce another recent issuance of a U.S. Patent titled "Persona-Driven and Artificially Intelligent Avatar".

"We are delighted to see the recognition of our advanced AI technology," says Dr. Ching-Yung Lin, Founder and CEO of Graphen, IEEE Fellow and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, "Giving AI avatars personality traits makes our offerings a lot more humanlike and can help so many industries to serve their customers in a more intelligent way. It is the future of AI."

The patent disclosed an advanced system for providing a persona-driven and artificially-intelligent avatar. The system and accompanying methods provide a collection of digital avatars, each of which is imbued with a persona to reflect the complex functionality of an AI virtual assistant that performs actions on behalf of a user or device. The persona of the digital avatar may have quantifiable traits, parameters, and/or characteristics that may be utilized to influence the observation, learning, reasoning, and behavior to specifically match with the parameters, characteristics, and traits of the persona of a digital avatar. The system may be utilized in a variety of contexts to combine a humanistic persona with complex AI algorithms.

Graphen also has a few other pending patents including the system for discovering hidden correlation relationships for risk analysis, system, and method for providing an artificially intelligent graph database, etc.

Founded in 2017 by a group of AI visionaries and industry leaders, Graphen built its novel AI that mimics and outperforms full human brain functionality. Its advanced technology and solutions are deployed at enterprises in finance, health care, automotive, energy and security industries in North America and Asia.

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