Graphen Once Again Brings Its Next-Gen AI to the AI Summit New York 2023

By Susan Hu

Graphen eagerly anticipates showcasing its cutting-edge AI technology and products once again at the upcoming AI Summit New York, scheduled to take place at the Javits Center on December 6-7, 2023.

"We are thrilled to be participating in the AI Summit for the fourth consecutive year," remarks Dr. Ching-Yung Lin, Founder and CEO of Graphen, IEEE Fellow, and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. "Over the past year, we have achieved remarkable advancements in our real-world solutions, and we are eager to unveil these developments to the global audience."

The AI Summit New York has been a prominent fixture on the global AI event calendar for several years, with multiple editions held worldwide. This event serves as a platform to bring the power of commercial AI to life.

Graphen's dedicated team has consistently exhibited their innovations at the Summit annually, consistently attracting significant interest with their advanced AI capabilities and forward-thinking problem-solving approach—resonating with numerous organizations facing complex challenges. Through these engagements, the company has established valuable connections with industry leaders, supporting their respective business endeavors, and eagerly anticipates forging new relationships with customers and partners as we embark on this transformative era of AI.

Alt Text (Graphen team at the AI Summit New York 2022)

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