Graphen Announces Its Participation in the Startup Future Factory program, a special feature at Japan Mobility Show 2023

By Susan Hu

Graphen is excited to share its acceptance and participation in the Startup Future Factory program at Japan Mobility Show 2023, with a free booth provided by the organizer, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. on Nov 3 and 4, 2023.

This program provides a great opportunity for startups to showcase their innovations and connect with leaders in the Japanese Automotive industry and the general public. The two elements of the program, "Business Pitch & Award" and "Startup Street," offer a platform for startups to present their ideas and potentially receive recognition and support.

It's commendable that JAMA, the organizer of Japan Mobility Show 2023, intends to extend the role of the Startup Future Factory project as an incubator and nurturing ground for innovative ideas beyond the scope of this year's event.

A total of 60 companies globally are selected for participation in the program.

This acceptance to the program and participation will be a significant opportunity for Graphen to showcase its technology and products including AI empowered RDS, AI Car Assistant, and etc. The company will network with key players in the mobility industry and the broader public, potentially paving the way for future collaborations and growth in Japan.

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