AI Tools for Next-Gen Health Care

By Susan Hu

As AI technology becomes more prevalent and mature, its applications in many areas such as drug development and patient treatment are transforming the health care industry. According to Insider Intelligence, spending on AI in medicine is projected to grow at an annualized 48% between 2017 and 2023.

Biology Central Dogma is established through DNA/RNA, which guides assembling Amino Acids to create proteins - the building blocks of any life. Protein is a molecule, which is a graph set of atoms. To solve biological challenges, it is essential to conduct fundamental research utilizing graph computing and quantum physics to better predict biological functions down to the atom level.

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Graphen constructs the bio-intelligence of biological computations, simulations, and predictions from the atomic bases, which helps to understand how atomic molecular interactions are transformed into different physiological behaviors. Leveraging the view from the most microscopic phenomenon, Graphen's intelligent solutions for real-world medical issues come with precise evaluations and reasonable explanations to accelerate biomedical development.

Built upon its advanced AI foundation, Ardi, Graphen has developed its ATOM (AI Tools of Medical) platform, which includes 12 tools that outperform most of the best-known tools, except for the Protein Structure Prediction tool - only slightly inferior.

Alt Text The future of health care requires fundamental scientific progress down to the atom level. Graphen ATOM tools model from proteins to protein-protein interaction and protein-environment interaction, and to biological network and system biology viewpoints. Through scaling from points, to links, and to networks, Graphen ATOM is providing advantageous performance, explainabilty and predictability in drug development and optimization. Like a map that zooms in to see different scales, it provides a foundation of digitalized biology and helps to predict and explain how bio mechanism functions.

Graphen Medical approaches health care with the individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle in mind. Its products and solutions include Consumer Whole Genome Disease Analysis, Gene Dynamic Detection, Personalized Precision Medicine, Personalized Health Prediction, AI Tools for Drug Development, Virus Mutation Surveillance, Large-Scale AI Medical Article Understanding, etc.

Learn more at: https://graphen.ai/products/medical.html

If you want to learn more about AI, Graphen Medical and its ATOM Tools, and how it can help you in your health care offerings, please reach out to susanhu@graphen.ai.